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  • How do I kick things off?
    First things first, register your interest using the form at the foot of this page. You will then be contacted and an initial consultation will be scheduled between us. This will be an informal chat to understand what you are looking to achieve and discuss how we can move things forwards. It is completely free and you have no obligation to proceed - but hopefully you will want to!
  • What happens next?
    The first thing we do is an initial consultation which is a face to face session (preferably) and this can take place anywhere you choose providing we can talk with relatively few distractions and with some privacy. We will discuss in detail how the process works and what you are hoping to achieve etc and we will talk about setting a couple of goals that we can work towards as well as talking through any issues, concerns or obstacles etc ( much more!) It's mainly a chance for us to get acquainted with each other and an opportunity for you to make sure that you are happy to work with me. If you are happy to move forward from there we will discuss arrangements for the next sessions and the format they will take etc.
  • Will I have to go to the gym?
    No. There are plenty of alternatives and this will be discussed with you. Most of our sessions will take place in my private studio where I have some gym facilities that we will use to take you through certain exercises and assessments. However, this is a private facility and you will have exclusive use during sessions. How you exercise outside of our sessions is very flexible and there are lots of options we can explore to suit your personal preferences. Of course you may already be a gym user or be keen to become one and that's fine also! We work things out in a way that suits here for more information around the approach.
  • How do I pay and when?
    You can pay online or in person via most common options - debit, credit card, contactless payments, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Paypal etc etc...even cash! We can also set up recurring payments if you have regular sessions booked. Payment schedules will be discussed at or before the initial consultation.
  • Where do you operate?
    I have a private studio facility in Enfield, North London (nr Oakwood Tube Station) and this is where I run my consultations and training sessions. I also offer some flexible mobile services. If you have a preferred location (such as your home or a local facility) I can travel to you providing the distance/travel time is reasonable. We will agree this before we start the process. We can also train outside in some circumstances or I can arrange suitable location for you.
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