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Face to Face Personal Training

Face to face personal training has become extremely popular in recent years and this is largely because it is an extremely effective way to get results. Expert assistance is always beneficial and having a dedicated tailored service with one to one focus provides proven results.  There are both physical and mental aspects associated with any personal challenge and dedicated support, coaching and mentoring has a huge impact on success. I will give you the guidance, support, motivation and education that you need to win your own personal challenge.

More than just personal training

Imagine having your own personal health and fitness coach - dedicated to getting the results you want using the latest training concepts and techniques. A highly specialised expert service covering fitness, health, nutrition and wellbeing - tailored specifically for you, to fit around your own unique world.


You will receive a truly holistic and immersive personal improvement service incorporating the latest scientific approaches including a progressive training programme based on the Optimum Performance Training Model developed in the USA by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

There are many flexible and affordable options available so you can have it too!

Read on and find out more!


What it's not...

This is not a session by session personal training service that some gyms may provide which tend to be focussed mainly on working out and exercising. Yes...we will have sessions - many different kinds of sessions...but they are part of a bigger and more complex picture.

It's all about results

I provide a results based service focussed on what you want to achieve and the journey we need to take to get you there. More than anything it is about the two of us working out the lifestyle changes that you need to make to support you on your journey and to ensure that you can maintain the good work we do forever. It is a person to person approach and between us we work as a team to make sure that we progress you to your goals by applying a programme that is tailored to you. 

Success is the only option!

We don't let anything stop us getting you to your goal. We will work around any blockers, whether it be external obstacles such as work and busy schedules or things personal to you such as motivation, stress or mindset. I will constantly monitor your progress so we can adjust and adapt along the way to keep you on track - if something is not working for you then we will change it and find a way to make it work. Your success is important to you...and it is important to me. The best way to get you there is to make sure that you feel engaged and empowered by the work that we do together.

It's not just about exercise...

Exercise and activity will be a big part of your journey but we can't focus on that in isolation. We will also look at your current nutritional behaviours to analyse what you are consuming and when so that we can determine the changes that we need to make to support your programme and to improve your health. No exercise programme can be truly effective without being supported by the appropriate nutritional behaviours so we will develop a tailored training plan for you alongside a carefully considered nutritional approach. This doesn't mean you will be drinking smoothies and adopting a restrictive diet. We will apply sensible gradual changes to your diet and get you to a position where the combination of exercise and nutrition is supporting your weight change targets safely and effectively. I will give the guidance and knowledge you need to be able to do this and we will over time adopt changes that you can maintain permanently.

So, what about the training...?

I will take you through some comprehensive fitness and movement assessments to benchmark your requirements and we will work forward from there with a progressive training programme that will correct muscle imbalances, improve your core stability, flexibility and balance as well as improving your general health and fitness. I am a qualified NASM Optimum Performance Training Practitioner (find out more below) and your programme will be developed using this model. Your plan will primarily be designed to support your weight change goals but if you have specific training requirements such as playing a particular sport or a particular fitness goal such as increasing strength or power then we will tailor things to reach those targets also.

There's so much to cover!

This is really the tip of the iceberg and I could write a lot more but I am conscious that there are probably too many words here already! When we meet we will talk through some of the finer points and the detail that I can't cover here! Remember, initial consultations are free so if you are interested in working together please get in touch to arrange yours today!

About Me

NJS2 (2)_edited.jpg

Nick Shewring

BSc Hons Biochemistry

NASM Level 3 Personal Trainer

NASM OPT Model Practitioner

NASM-WLS (Weight Loss Specialist)

NASM-GFS (Golf Fitness Specialist)

CIMPSPA white.png

I am a CIMSPA registered personal trainer, fitness instructor and nutritional advisor - accredited by Active IQ NASM as an Optimum Performance Training (OPT) Model™ practitioner and  I have specialist qualifications in Weight Loss and Golf Performance Fitness.


Where do I operate?

I live in Hertfordshire and I practice face to face personal training centred in the Herts area but that can extend to bordering counties (Essex, Cambs, Beds) and the London area.

Too far away?

If you think you live too far away but would like to train with me please get in touch and we can consider alternative options (such as Skype sessions for consultations and assessments  etc). There are lots of options and we may be able to work out a way!

Ready to get started?

If you would like to work with me the easiest way to get started is to arrange a free consultation so we can discuss your specific goals, get to know each other and work out the way forward!


It's totally free and of course there are no obligations!


Permanent Weight Loss

Weight loss is a very personal and complex area which has become an issue for many people in many different ways. Modern lifestyles mean it is all too easy to gradually put on weight over time and this can start to have a burden on health and wellbeing - both physically and psychologically. Being overweight can have a huge emotional impact as for many of us the way we look is important and the way we perceive ourselves impacts our confidence and even our happiness.


You are probably reading this because you are one of the many millions of people who has already decided that for whatever reason losing some weight will benefit you - I don't need to go into the details of the numerous benefits - we have heard them all many times! The big question is do I do this?! Your goal may be to lose weight to improve your health and fitness or you may just want to fit into those old jeans again - either way we can get you there.  If you feel you have already tried everything don’t despair as everybody can lose weight with the right approach and motivation – we just need to find what works best for you.

To achieve this we will work closely together on a one-to-one basis to look at your activity and nutrition to understand what we need to change and where the barriers are. We then apply the complex principles behind effective weight loss to implement a tailored programme that will ensure you move towards your goals permanently.


Weight Loss

Muscle Tone and Body Composition

Much of what we see in the media these days depicts people with perfectly toned physiques and it is only natural for us to want to look like that too! We have all heard of the very popular beach body diets and regimes and they may work for some but for most of us it isn't that easy! It’s human nature to want to look good, especially as we get a little older and the years of bad habits starts to come back to bite us but making the changes necessary to reverse all of this and get ourselves toned up can be complicated and challenging. But it's not impossible with some expert help and guidance!


By combining changes to nutrition and engaging in a specifically tailored exercise programme we can systematically reduce body fat and increase muscle bulk and tone to help you achieve your desired body shape – providing your aspirations are realistic and healthy of course! 

There are also online DIY training packages available for body transformation which may be worth considering - you can check these out on our online training page.

Muscle Tone


OPT Model

The Optimum Performance Training (OPT) Model™

The OPT Model™ is a training process that systematically progresses any person to any goal. It was conceptualised as a training programme for a society that has more structural imbalances and susceptibility to injury than ever before. The OPT Model™ was developed as a direct result of research carried out in the USA by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in partnership with the University of North Carolina using actual real person studies.

The model provides a system for properly and safely progressing you towards your individual goals and addressing your specific needs using integrated training methods. It consists of three distinct phases of training which have been specifically designed to follow biomechanical, physiologic, and functional principles of the human movement system. They provide an easy-to-follow systematic progression that minimises injury and maximises results.

The OPT Model™ is a relatively new and cutting edge approach to personal training and is not yet widely available in the UK. It is imperative that the health and fitness professional undertaking your training understands the scientific rationale behind each individual phase of training to properly use the OPT Model™.




Two F2F Sessions/Month

Two F2F Nutrition Sessions/Month

F2F Movement Assessments

Corrective Exercise

Nutritional Analysis & Advice

NASM OPT Training Program

Continuous Adaptive Monitoring

Web Portal and Smartphone App

£150 pm

for a 12 month plan

or £200 pm cancel any time


Weekly F2F Training Sessions (4/mth)

Weekly F2F Nutrition Sessions

F2F Movement Assessments

Corrective Exercise

Nutritional Analysis & Advice

NASM OPT Training Program

Continuous Adaptive Monitoring

Web Portal and Smartphone App

£250 pm

for a 12 month plan

or £300 pm cancel any time

-Limited availability-

£500 pm

for a 12 month plan

or £600 pm cancel any time

  • Four XL face 2 face sessions each month

  • Two nutrition analysis consultations/month

  • Flexible booking options

  • Priority bookings for weekends/evenings

  • Home or work visits

  • Movement assessments & corrective exercise

  • Continuous adaptive monitoring

  • Monthly nutrition reviews

  • NASM Optimum Performance Training (OPT)

  • Web portal and smartphone app

-Limited availability-
Unlimited options
Price on application

(Depending on options)


A truly VIP personal training service designed entirely around your specific requirements with unlimited monthly sessions where and when suits you. This is a truly immersive service where we work together as a team to get you to your goals and beyond. We will have daily discussions and check-ins, detailed nutritional analysis and a tailored progressive OPT training program. I will be on hand to work you through training sessions when required and available any time to discuss your progress and answer any questions you may have.


This is the ultimate personal improvement and training package with your own dedicated expert on hand for you every day. There are many options and I am happy to discuss any bespoke requirements you may have.


This is a very unique service and obviously the price will be dependent on the specific arrangements so we will discuss this at our initial consultation when we scope out the service.


Book a free consultation today and find out how I can help you achieve your goals!
Free Starter Consultation
40 min
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